An easier & more efficient way to pay your workers.

Site-Pay specializes in time keeping and payroll for off-site project workers.

It's about letting you focus on making projects more successful.

Spend less time worrying about paperwork and more time focusing on your customers.

Mobile Time Tracking

Workers in the field can clock-in on their own GPS-enabled devices and the supervisor or client can approve time in the field or home office.

Simple Reports

Real-time information on dashboard shows hours worked, Certified Payroll, payroll approval, and gives a snapshot of overall project's performance.

Reliable Compliance

All local, state, and federal reporting is covered automatically. Employees get paid on time and have real-time access to all of their payroll information.

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Site-Pay is more than traditional payroll, it's built for site project work!

Easily pay your workers

With Site-Pay, you'll get an easier way to pay your off-site workers in any location.

  • Start by signing up one worker or a full work crew.
  • Tell us about the location & project-specific payment requirements and we'll handle it from there.
  • We handle hourly pay rates, per diems, disbursements, and any specific requirements for each of your work sites.
  • The employee app gives workers information they need. All information needed by the employee is available to them online so they have access to the hours they have worked, the pay they have earned, and when their next paycheck will be available.
  • Site-Pay gets your employees paid efficiently.

    All of the features and tools needed for off-site project work in one place.

    Direct Deposit

    Workers' funds are deposited into their accounts based on your desired payday or site requirements. For employees without bank accounts, payment cards will be provided and funded electronically.


    This includes tax and fringe benefits, as well as special disbursements such as union dues and associated fees.

    Reports for You and Clients

    With Site-Pay, all needed information is in one place:

  • Daily project hours worked and dollars spent.
  • Costs accumulated for out-of-scope work.
  • Client approval and invoicing for T&M work.
  • Certified Payroll.
  • Required steps in payroll administration.

    Things that are handled for you when using Site-Pay.


    Processing of I-9, W-4, W-9, employee bank accounts, garnishments and required background checks (additional fee may apply).

    Employee Payments and Disbursements

    Processing funds to employees, tax agencies (federal, state and municipal), unions, and other benefit coordinators.

    Required Statutory Submissions

    Compliance with required report submission deadlines.

  • W-2 and 1099-MISC
  • Forms 941, 944 & 945
  • SUTA and state and local tax withholding payment reports
  • Site-Pay can process payments using your accounts.

    Site-Pay can disburse employee wages and employment taxes for you using all of your existing account and tax ID numbers. With this approach, your company remains the employer of record. However, Site-Pay will generate employee tax documentation and summary fianancial information for your company, ensuring that all required documentation is provided to employees and your company on a timely basis.

    Site-Pay can fund employee wages and taxes directly using our own tax ID numbers and workers' comp insurance.

    In this case, Site-Pay handles all of the expenses directly and debits your account for the net employee expense. This simplifies your accounting and end-of-year tax preparation, and it eliminates the need to have workers' comp accounts in multiple states.

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    Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan anytime.

    Get Started Today

    Choose the plan that suits you best or start by getting a quote on Site-Pay Tools.

    Site-Pay Tools

    • Automated time keeping
    • Worker on-boarding tools
    • Reports of hours worked and paychecks due
    • Employee summary reports
    • Summary reports for tax and other disbursements

    Site-Pay Processing

    • Automated time keeping
    • Worker on-boarding tools
    • All payroll functions
    • Disbursement of all taxes, worker's comp, and unemployment insurance
    • Filing W-2 and 1099-MISC forms
    • Certified Payroll reports

    Looking for more? — If you have a specific request, we'd like to hear about it! Contact us

    What companies are saying

    Find out why companies are interested in Site-Pay

    Site-Pay can make our work hours more accurate and timely. It will allow us to properly account for all billable hours to our clients and prevent cost over-runs from unbillable hours.

    Sharon WesterfieldProject Manager @ Hargrove Engineers

    The Site-Pay tools make keeping up with our work crews in the field much simpler. Using their services will greatly reduce the time I spend to get my people paid.

    Murad HassanBusiness Development Manager @ Arc Energy

    Getting time recorded and payments made for the project team without spreadsheets and phone calls will save a large amount of time for us - it's an easier process.

    Jeremy GrayProject Engineer @ Jacobs Engineering

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